OLIO DI MONOI DE TAHITI - Eterea Cosmesi Naturale
OLIO DI MONOI DE TAHITI - Eterea Cosmesi Naturale


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It is the typical cosmetic of Polynesia, the oil that gives the skin that elastic and silky appearance, recalling the image of the harmonious and shining bodies of Polynesian women to the imagination. The "Monoi de Tahiti" is obtained from the maceration in coconut oil of the wild flowers of Tiaré which give it an intoxicating scent and countless properties. Anti-aging, soothing, moisturizing, smoothing, anti-dandruff, regenerating for brittle and dry hair. The Monoi De Tahiti Eterea Natural Cosmetics Oil is the perfect product for those who want soft, silky, velvety and invigorated skin. In addition to its intrinsic characteristics, the researchers of Eterea Cosmesi Naturale, have decided to enrich it with Vitamin E of extraction, greatly enhancing its remarkable characteristics. The fragrant Tiare flowers and Monoi oil have always kept the envied beauty secret.

Usage mode

Restructuring damaged hair : pre-shampoo pack: pour the right dose into a bowl, depending on the length of the hair, moistening them completely; spread with the fingertips or with the aid of the comb on each individual strand; also massage gently on the scalp; cover the garment with a transparent film and let the oil act for about 30/60 minutes; wash your hair as usual.

Anti-dandruff : pre-shampoo pack: add a few drops of Eterea Natural Cosmetics Tea Tree essential oil to Monoi de Tahiti oil, gently rubbing the scalp; leave on for 15/30 minutes and wash your hair as usual.

Skin : apply to damp or dry skin, massaging gently until completely absorbed. Very effective as an after-sun.

At ambient temperatures below about 26 ° C, the oil tends to solidify, approach a heat source and shake before use.

Cocos Nucifera Oil, Fragrance, GardeniaTahitensis Flower Extract, Tocopherol, Linalool, Limonene, Geraniol, Citral.

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