Organic Coconut Oil
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Considered in the tropical popular tradition a powerful elixir of beauty and health, Organic Coconut Oil is obtained using exclusively the method of cold pressing sun-dried Coconut nuts without the use of any chemical solvent. Highly versatile, it quickly restores elasticity, brightness and a velvety effect to the skin. It also represents a very powerful tan activator, giving the skin an extraordinary amber/golden appearance. It makes the hair strong, shiny and silky, facilitates its growth protecting it from external agents. In addition to its intrinsic characteristics, the researchers of Eterea Cosmesi Naturale, have thought of enriching it with Vitamin E of extraction greatly enhancing its already amazing properties. Enveloping fragrance, smooth and dry texture make the Organic Coconut Oil of Eterea Cosmesi Naturale a fantastic ally of well-being and beauty.

Functional actives
Ways of use

Restructuring for frizzy hair. Pre-shampoo wrap: pour the right dose into a bowl, depending on the length of the hair, wetting them entirely; spread with fingertips or with the help of a comb on each single strand; gently massage also on the scalp; cover the head with a transparent film and let the oil act for about 30/60 minutes; wash the hair as usual.

Antidandruff. Pre-shampoo wrap: add a few drops of “Tea Tree essential oil” Eterea Natural Cosmetics in Organic Coconut Oil rubbing the scalp gently; leave on for 15/30 minutes and wash the hair as usual.

Skin: apply on wet or dry skin massaging gently until fully absorbed.

Sun exposure: it is recommended to use in combination with adequate sun protection. Very effective as after-sun.

At temperatures below about 26°C, the oil tends to solidify, place near a heat source and shake before use.


Cocos Nucifera Oil*, Tocopherol.

*From organic farming/Organic