Slim & Relax


The Slim & Relax line is constituted by four fantastic products
Eupraxia cellulite cream, Eupraxia cellulite oil, Sol Invictus and Body Cream. The first two products counteract the imperfections of cellulite, water retention and orange peel skin. This is possible thanks to the sinergy of the natural and biological extracts, and to the elements of lymph drainage. The tissues will be toned up and the skin smoothened and nourished. To complete the line is Sol Invictus, which is the perfect product for obtaining a homogeneous tan and a amber-coloured skin. Least but not last, the Body Cream, nourishing and invigorating.

All Eterea Cosmesi Naturale products are free from Petrolati, Parabeni, Phthalates, SLES, Peg, Silicones and synthetic dyes.