Lux Soft Mousse Idra-Detox


Eterea Cosmesi Naturale regenerates your skin!

Soft face cleansing mousse with antibacterial and detoxifying action, ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones, gently captures and removes impurities, freeing the skin and giving the complexion extreme softness and radiance. The high concentration of the organic extracts of Ginger, Liquorice and Red Vine Fruits, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, revitalizes cell membranes, promoting oxygenation, consequently calming irritation and redness and leaving the skin extremely soft. Lux Soft Mousse Idra-Detox is a light cloud that gently eliminates toxins deposited during the day due to environmental pollution and which accumulate on the face suffocating the skin, which will be in a simple gesture cleaner and fresher. This innovative combination of active ingredients acts on the skin with a very balanced effectiveness by balancing the excessive production of sebum, and protecting the cell membranes with an intense repairing, emollient and purifying effect. Cornflower Hydrolate amplifies the already present protective benefits and creates a barrier effect from aggressive external agents, exerting an anti-inflammatory action on the irritated skin and contrasting redness and itching. The intense antiseptic, cicatrizing and astringent function of the Incense and Propolis extracts helps to shrink pores and give relief to every application for an immediate sensation of deep cleansing. Through constant use, the skin gradually regains its natural complexion and releases all its luminosity.

Format: 150ml


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