Lux Active Tonic


Eterea Cosmesi Naturale regenerates your skin!

Facial lotion with exfoliating and illuminating action, designed as a special treatment for the simple mistake / predisposition or imperfections. The special astringent and disinfectant formula based on alpha-hydroxy acids derived from fruit regulates the production of sebum, freeing from impurities and minimizing pores. Salicylic acid carries out a delicate micro peeling that renews the stratum corneum and refines the skin, improving attention and enhancing its naturalness. Tartaric acid with strong keratolytic and antioxidant properties, gently exfoliates the skin and helps stimulate cell turnover, preparing the skin to better assimilate subsequent cosmetic treatments, exerting an effective anticomedogenic activity, freeing the skin and regenerating the dermis in Depth. Precious organic extracts of Thyme, Oregano and Lemon complete the formulation by acting to sebum normalize the sympathetic with the astringent and the balanced antibacterial, bringing attention and tonicity. The association of a concentrate of vitamin, Zinc and naturally derived super moisturizing active ingredients brought to the mixture antioxidant and protective properties of cell membranes, maintaining the level of hydration with the integration of enormous effectiveness. The balanced synergy of the Organic Hydrolates of Lavender, Hamamelis and Cornflower with decongestant, calming and anti-inflammatory action, acts effectively on sensitive skin and prone to redness, for a nice regeneration that rediscovers new light.

Format: 100ml


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