Intensive Multi Active Booster


Eterea Cosmesi Naturale regenerates your skin!

Powerful booster designed to amplify daily skincare, improving its benefits, thanks to an innovative anti-aging, moisturizing and intensive antioxidant formula that allows effective and rapid molecular delivery. The exclusive combination of Red Grape Stem Cells, Soya Biolique, Maqui and Vitamin C, with a high concentration of powerful Peptides resulting from the most advanced cosmetic research, stimulates the production of collagen, in addition to strengthening, illuminating and moisturizing the skin ; accelerates the skin repair process by counteracting cellular aging and reducing the activity of free radicals, improving the elasticity of the skin with a deep plumping and lifting action. Selected Lactobacillus enzymes act to strengthen the skin microbiota keeping the skin’s balance intact and reinforcing it on the surface for a progressive cell renewal and rejuvenation. Biological extracts of Linden, Lemon Balm, Ginseng, Moringa and Sap of Grape provide valuable nourishment while keeping the skin balance intact and giving the skin a healthier appearance. The mixture is given a hydration plus by the presence of low and very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, in a cross-linked form for a long-release action, which work on wrinkles and signs of aging, and contribute to the improvement of eudermic activity and maintaining the optimal degree of epidermal hydration both internally and externally; whose presence is enhanced by Calcium Ketogluconate which stimulates the production and synthesis of hyaluronic acid by activating the vital functions of the skin, helping to maintain and restore elasticity and softness, preventing sagging and signs of fatigue, for a more compact and bright.

Format: 15ml


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