Prodigious Helix Line


The new line of Eterea Cosmesi Naturale based on snail slime consists of five extremely versatile and functional products. The snail slime used is cruelty free, it is endowed with innumerable beneficial properties for the skin. In fact, it guarantees a homogeneous complexion, soothes, acts as anti-reddening, lightening and moisturizing. The line consists of: Prodigious Pure Helix, Prodigious Helix Serum, Prodigious Helix Day Cream, Prodigious Helix Eyes Serum, Prodigious Helix Night Cream. Each single formula is unique and represents the guarantee of extreme effectiveness and superior quality.

All Eterea Cosmesi Naturale products are free from Petrolati, Parabeni, Phthalates, SLES, Peg, Silicones and synthetic dyes.