From the combination of new ideas, common principles and passions comes Eterea Cosmesi Naturale, a laboratory of high phytocosmetics. Fusion between love for nature, craftsmanship, attention to innovation processes and indispensable scientific skills. Each preparation is totally safe, dermo-compatible and effective as it has been specifically designed to preserve the well-being and beauty of the person. The “green” and organic formulations do not contain any of the following harmful ingredients: Parabens, Peg – Ppg, Sles –Sls, Petroleum derivatives, Vaseline and paraffin, Phthalates, Silicones, Synthetic dyes. Eterea Cosmesi Naturale respects the environment, uses only 100% recyclable materials for its packaging.

Our business focuses on some fundamental principles:

COMMUNICATION: constantly relate to customers to get to know, study, deepen and best meet their needs.

AUTHENTICITY: to create a sincere natural and organic cosmetic.

RESPECT: respect customers by offering them effective and safe products.

INNOVATION: continuous research to constantly improve our formulation choices.

QUALITY: periodic tests and checks on the finished product, on the raw materials and during all the production phases validate the stability and tolerance of each formula.


A team of experts, lovers of nature and beauty, is constantly involved in the research and development of the ethereal natural cosmetics formulas. Each single reference consists of carefully selected and high quality raw materials, such as: organic vegetable oils, organic vegetable butters, biotechnological hyaluronic acid, organic honey, beta-glucan, vitamins, peptides, beeswax, extracts of medicinal plants organic, organic essential oils, surfactants exclusively of vegetable origin. Furthermore, Eterea Cosmesi Naturale strongly refuses any form of animal experimentation. The vocation to protect our “friends” is a lifestyle choice for the company’s founding members, all vegetarians and vegans.

Always the only thing we want
is to take care of you.